Save staff time.
Support members 24/7/365.

The Best Association® member service chatbot from Stevens & Stevens will make your life so much easier!

Provide Around-the-Clock Support

  • Support your association members 24/7/365.
  • Answer multiple members at the same time.

Save Staff Time

  • Answer frequently asked questions automatically.
  • Use as a quick learning reference for new staff members.

Works with Any Website

  • Appears on top of your site, but it operates separately.
  • Appears as clickable icon, or opens window automatically.

Mobile Friendly

  • Members using mobile phones and tablets will love it.
  • Much easier than searching a site or installing an app.

Gain Member Insights and Ideas

  • See the types of questions members are asking.
  • Discover new ideas, trends and opportunities!

Customized for Your Association By Stevens & Stevens

  • Our experience with associations makes all the difference.
  • We know how members think and why associations are great.